Monday, 30 May 2011

Games, Games, Games!


So recently I have been doing some gaming as I have had some spare time. Also since I got a new phone having some fun with that too.

I played Crysis 2, really awesome game. I really enjoyed it, quite different to the first one. Collecting nano crystals and using them to unlock certain abilities such as seeing the footprints of your enemies or being able to see the route of your bullets. Been a while since a game got me eager to continue playing after exiting it for the first time.

I am currently busy with Bulletstorm, its not bad. Very different to what I have been playing. With Bulletstorm you basically find out someone has been using you to do their dirty work, you get pissed off, go after and attack them with the first opportunity you get and end up stranded on this planet where you are fighting your way to the mother ship to get off the planet.

Portal 2, that will be what I will be playing once I have finished Bulletstorm. Had friends tell me its amazingly awesome. So am really keen to get playing.

Then on my phone been getting a few games, obviously got Angry Birds. Although already had it on PC. Got Angry birds seasons and RIO. Angry Birds RIO is different compared to the normal Angry Birds. Instead of killing pigs which stole your eggs, you need to free the birds from their cages. Have not played much yet am enjoying it.

I also got Uno HD, its really fun actually. Kind of want to get Uno cards now.
I would really like some newer games which will be awesome LAN games to come out. Been a while since we have had a new really awesome LAN game... Also been a while since I have been LANing though.

Anyways, I shall let you guys know how Portal 2 is once I have started with it and whether the ending of Bulletstorm is any good.



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  1. So excited to start Portal 2 :)