Wednesday, 27 July 2011

HTC says they're willing to talk to Apple to settle lawsuits

So as some of you will know, Apple and HTC have been having patent wars for a while now. HTC CFO Winston Yung said “We’re open to having discussions.” in order to settle outside of court.
Yung also said that “We have to sit down and figure it out,” and that HTC is "open to all sorts of solutions, as long as the terms are fair and reasonable".

Monday, 25 July 2011

Microsofts marketplace expands to 19 more countries


Sorry, I have not been posting much recently. I have not found much very interesting.

Anyways, Microsoft has decided to expand the countries which can use their marketplace by 19 countries. When the marketplace was first opened for Phone 7, last year when Phone 7 devices were released, only a few countries were supported which left people whose countries were not supported having to fake their locations which only allowed them to download free applications.

There have been 19 countries included, so a total of 35 countries are supported by Microsofts Marketplace.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nokia's first WP7 device not that special?

So despite the long wait for Nokia's first WP7 device, rumors are that the W9 (or whatever they decide on calling it) may not be as innovative as hoped for.

 In February Stephen Elop said that Nokia's contribution towards the Phone 7 platform will be worth billions and that Microsoft will be paying them billions for their contribution. They will introduce innovations that will have more people consider switching over - so far nothing of that sort has been seen or rumored.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Samsung plans on 300M phones sold in 2011

An interview with Shin Jong-kyun, president of Samsung's mobile communications and digital imaging told us what Samsung's plans are. Samsung aim and expect to surpass last years shipment of phones - 25 million smartphones out of a total of 280 million sold - with 60 million smartphones and a total of 300 million phones which is near 1 million devices a day!

The expected increase in smartphones is quite bold although the Galaxy S II has been taken very well in Korea, Japan, Europe and other regions. Samsung have some new

Monday, 18 July 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace gets Gingerbread officially

So a few months back the Gingerbread ROM was leaked for the Ace, Samsung has decided it is now a good time to release Gingerbread officially.

SamFirmware have announced that Samsung have started releasing it over KIES, the first are for the Russian and Polish users. More will obviously follow shortly.

The update is a normal update which will simply update the Android OS to v2.3.3


Apple's A5 chipset overheating, is this the reason for hte iPhone 5 delay?

There has been some online gossip that the Apple A5 chipset is causing the smartphone to overheat and since the iPhone 5 is meant to be even slimmer it means the components will be packed tighter so less space and harder to cool the components and since the new chip will be a dual core it will be producing even more heat.

According to the rumors they are still struggling to find a solution and if they are unable to find one soon

Friday, 15 July 2011

HTC Desire Z Gingerbread release

So after all the excitement the original Desire owners have had with them getting Gingerbread the Desire Z owners can get all amped as HTC has started rolling out the Gingerbread update for the Desire Z across the world.

HTC said a few days ago that Gingerbread will be rolled out within a few weeks although it has been confirmed by carriers that it has already started to be rolled out in certain countries. The update will roll out gradually, so soon you will probably get a notification asking you to update. The update is 104MB and the software number for this update is 2.42.861.6 and will update the Android version to 2.3.3 with Sense UI 2.1.

Hope all of you with Desire Z's get the update soon and enjoy it! :D