Thursday, 26 May 2011



Soo.. Let me just tell you what exactly this blog is about and what I shall be blogging about.

As the title says this is just another boring tech blog. I will be blogging about tech related stuff, whatever I feel like blogging about, whatever gets my attention or interest.

I shall be sharing my views and opinions as well as looking for input from you guys (my readers).

Comments and suggestions will be welcome, if you think I should do this or do that or something to improve my blog let me know and I shall consider it.
This blog probably won't be the best, so do not expect too much.

I may post random things which are not really tech related, although I doubt I will be doing that much.

If there are products which you want my opinion on let me know and I may even blog about it.




  1. Hi Psy

    Please will you do a review for me.. im thinking of rooting my Sony Ericsson x10i but just a little worried about the risk in doing this. please can you tell me will it be worth my while if i root my phone or not? and will be gain any added feature or functions?


  2. Hi Jorge,

    Alright. I shall do so.