Wednesday, 15 June 2011

HTC to use NMT for slimmer phones and no deathgrip

So rumor has it that HTC will be partnering with Chenming to make use of their NanoMolding Technology (NMT) which apparently helps create thinner, cheaper phones with less interference with the antenna - so no deathgrip! So how does it work?

NMT works by taking the metal and placing liquid plastic on it and the plastic therefore bonds directly to the metal, where traditionally an adhesive was used to attach metal and plastic components together.

Chenming claim that it reduces the thickness while strengthening the chassis. The combination of the metal and plastic reduces the antenna interference which traditional metal chassis have.

I think this will be pretty awesome and am quite excited to see this. There is a rumor that Chenming will start manufacturing for various companies in July, although the partnership between them and HTC is not confirmed by either yet.

Some examples of NMT products.

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  1. Thinner phones with better signal? Sounds good to me.