Friday, 3 June 2011

A little bit of everything

OK, so there will be a bit of a mix of things here:
Androids distribution, the HTC Sensation, Qualcomm and their Snapdragon as well as HTC and their love for WP7!

So Android's 2.2 Froyo has the largest market share still, with 2.1 Elcair second and 2.3.3 Gingerbread third and gaining market share very quickly. Gingerbread 2.3.3 has gained 5.1% in just a month. I am sure it shall continue to gain market share as people upgrade their devices from 2.2 Froyo to Gingerbread and more people purchase Gingerbread devices.
3.0 and 3.1 Honeycomb is slowly getting there, although is tablet focused.

It seems as if the HTC Sensation may not have a Unibody afterall, despite HTC boasting its unique unibody design for the Sensation. I would like to get a HTC Sensation and it is a bit disappointing if it does not have a Unibody as I quite like them although it's not the end of the world.

Qualcomm have announced their Snapdragon gamepack which is an optimization program featuring 100  games and more to come. 60% of people with Smartphones play games regularly on them and the appeal for playing games on your smartphone will just continue to get stronger especially when Qualcomm throw together their quad-core Adreno GPU's with the Snapdragon performance which will lead to better graphics and more enticing games. You can check out some of the games here.

So HTC took the stage at Qualcomms Upliq conference to talk about Android and Windows Phone 7 although before starting on that stated that they had shipped 25 million smartphones in 2010 and 9.7 million smartphones in the 1st Quater of 2011 and with these number claim to be one of the top 5 smartphone brands in the world (I personally agree with that).
HTC is also the top global supplier of Android phones and the largest developer, behind Google, of Android - creating and releasing source code for the OS. Now despite HTC's success with Android they reminded everyone about their commitment to Windows phones and that they have a long history of handling hardware for Windows Mobile operating systems. HTC also unveiled a new SDK (Software Development Kit) which will allow developers to create software for phones which is similar to HTC Sense, it will be called HTC OpenSense and will also allow developers to access 3D on HTC devices and to the HTC Flyer's scribing-pen accessory. You can keep an eye on HTC Dev for the SDK.

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  1. I'm stuck on 2.1r1 with the Samsung Continuum. Seems HTC is the only one really pushing the newest versions.