Tuesday, 14 June 2011

N8 to get 30FPS videro recording with Continuous AutoFocus

So there is news that Damien Dinning has been chatting on twitter about a new N8 specific update that will add 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) video recording with continuous Auto Focus. So what does this mean?

Having 30 FPS with video recording will provide you with smoother video, especially if there is fast movements in the video.
Having continuous autofocus on the video recording will allow you to change from close up shots (showing something in a book for example) to something far away (like a bird in a tree) with the camera automatically refocusing to the varying distances.

This has been possible through mods / hacks / apps for a while although will be available through official updates soon, although will require Anna and be specific to the N8.

Here is an interesting article I found if you want to read it: Five reasons Nokia N8 camera and its Carl Zeiss lens are in a class of their own


  1. Thats a pretty impressive camera!

  2. Yeah, but who cares about camera when software is complete crap!