Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A little off topic

So today I am going a bit off topic.

Woke last night due to the weather, wind was howling, rain was crashing down... I just hoped it would clear by morning as I commute with my bike.
Around 2 months ago my girlfriend and I rode down to a track for the weekend with a friend to do some rider training. It was 270KM away, we left early in the morning and guess what? 98% of the way down it was raining. DAMN, was that an unpleasant ride. After that I swore to get a rain suit. When I got back I queried about rain suits, although did not get one as we were going into winter and it supposedly does not rain here in winter.

So woke up this morning and the rain had calmed down to a small drizzle. Get dressed, get my bike out and then within 2 minutes of riding it started pouring down with rain and the rain just kept getting heavier and heavier.
So I arrive here soaked, walk in and walk upstairs and I can hear my feet sloshing around in my shoes. So today I may just go and get a rainsuit.

The other lovely thing is that my helmet was getting wet as I had to keep the visor a click open to prevent it from misting up. So yeah, I am still quite wet and cold. Just want to get home now. Not really in the mood for much at all.

Hope it stops raining soon.


  1. Of course it has to change from a small drizzle to a downpour AS you start riding. Sorry, hope your day gets better.

  2. Oh man that really sucks. I hope your bike didn't get rusted from that.

  3. Man that sucks, nothing worse than riding in the rain!

  4. dang that's not cool at least you got to where you were going safely.

  5. I am really happy about rain, but that is just because of my allergy. Anyway, it seems that murphys law has come true once again. :)