Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nokia's first WP7 device not that special?

So despite the long wait for Nokia's first WP7 device, rumors are that the W9 (or whatever they decide on calling it) may not be as innovative as hoped for.

 In February Stephen Elop said that Nokia's contribution towards the Phone 7 platform will be worth billions and that Microsoft will be paying them billions for their contribution. They will introduce innovations that will have more people consider switching over - so far nothing of that sort has been seen or rumored.

The device will be making use of the same chipset as the competitors and nothing new with the software, although Nokia promised to introduce their Ovi Maps to WP7 so no new software seems a bit odd and annoying as I would have liked to see how it was.

The only possibly innovative thing is their design which even then isn't all that innovative as it is very similar to the N9 according to all of the leaked content.

I am really hoping something changes dramatically, or at least in their WP7 devices which follow the Sea Ray

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  1. How much more can they do with their phones, anyway?