Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A long time gone

Ok, I know... I have not blogged in a loooong time.
I've been having problems with my internet so been unable to. Although it is now sorted so I am back and blogging!

While I have been gone I got a chance to play around on an HTC Trophy and WP7 is seriously awesome, really smooth and fluid. Android is a bit of a resource hog compared to WP7 in my opinion. I would really like to get a WP7, I think WP7 is going to be taking off soonish and becoming quite a tough competitor towards Android.

Lets do a quick update on some things which have happened and caught my eye.
So Nokia are planning on pulling out of Japan fully by closing down their Vertu stores. The main Nokia office in Japan will stay open until the end of the year to handle fee refunds.

Someone got their hands on a prototype iPhone 4 and it was put up on auction which started at $810 and went up to $999,999 (and possibly higher).

Samsung may be working on a WP7 version of the Galaxy S II, I really hope so as I think that would be super awesome! They will need to change to a Qualcomm chipset which shouldn't be a problem. Also the device should get the nice Super AMOLED Plus screen which the Galaxy S II has.

Nokia's first WP7 device which is code named Sea Ray and looks really sleek in my opinion, it is similar to the N9 although has a dedicated camera button and different LED placement.

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