Thursday, 7 July 2011

Microsoft demands royalties for every Samsung droid made

So here is something to have a bit of a laugh about (well I did at least).

Microsoft are demanding that Samsung pay them $15 for each Samsung Android mobile which has been sold to date due to several Microsoft patents in the devices. HTC was the first company to give Microsoft claims.

Microsoft believe the Linux based operating systems are infringing its intellectual property in some way and Android OS is a Linux based OS. I am sure Microsoft has a well prepared case about what the Linux kernel infringement is, although I am not going to go into that.

So now you may be wondering why Microsoft are not sueing Google, right?
Well Google make no profit off the distribution of the OS where as HTC and Samsung (The manufacturers) do.

HTC obviously had no objection as they have already signed a deal to pay $5 for each of their Android based phones.
Samsung is apparently trying to negotiate the price down to $10 for each of their Android based phones for some kind of alliance between the two of them.


  1. LOL micrsosoft are suing as much as apple is getting sued

  2. Yeah. I really enjoyed this post. Lots of info about microsoft's bullshit! I also heard they did alot of f5 bombs.