Monday, 18 July 2011

Apple's A5 chipset overheating, is this the reason for hte iPhone 5 delay?

There has been some online gossip that the Apple A5 chipset is causing the smartphone to overheat and since the iPhone 5 is meant to be even slimmer it means the components will be packed tighter so less space and harder to cool the components and since the new chip will be a dual core it will be producing even more heat.

According to the rumors they are still struggling to find a solution and if they are unable to find one soon
they will release a smartphone based on the current iPhone to buy them sometime.

Rumor also has it that Apple have started testing their next-gen chipset, the A6, with the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC. Apple are obviously planning on replacing Samsung as the brains to their devices. It is obviously due to the patent wars between Apple and Samsung that a $5.68 billion a year partnership between the two has gone south.

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