Thursday, 7 July 2011

Qualcomm's road map

So yesterday I should have posted this but got a bit lazy, sorry!

Anyway, Qualcomm's roadmap for 2011/2013 which reveals hardware details and approximate release dates about the upcoming 28nm dual-core Krait that shall be shipping soon.

2011 Q4

The MSM8960 which is Qualcomm’s first Windows 8 certified SoC and is expected to start shipping in Q4 2011. The specifications are the following:
  • Dual 1.5-1.7 GHz Krait/ L2 1MB
  • 2x500MHz LPDDR2
  • LTE FDD/TDD cat3(8960); DC-HSPA(8270)
    TD-SCDMA (8960, 8260A)
  • 1080p HD Video@30fps; 3D 20Mpix
  • Adreno 225 3D/2D 125M tri./sec (DX9.3)
So the CPU will be clocked between 1.5Ghz and 1.7Ghz and the SoC willhave the Adreno 225 GPU which supports DirectX 9.3 feature set (DX9 + ShaderModel 3).

Q3 2012

The lower-end model, the MSM8930 with one memory channel, lower CPU clocks and less powerful GPU  named the Adreno 305 even though it’s less powerful then the Adreno 225. It is possible the 225 is just a higher clocked (or even multicore) version of the 220 and the 305 is a new architecture which I would have hoped they're would rather use over the 225 and older architectures. The specifications are the following:

  • Dual 1.0-1.2GHz Krait/ L2 1MB
  • 1x533MHz LPDDR2 • 1x533MHz LPDDR2
  • LTE Cat2/DC-HSPA+ (8930)
    21HSPA+ (8230)
  • 1080p HD Video@30fps; 3D 12MPix
  • Adreno 305 3D 80M tri./sec (DX9.3)  

Q1 2013

Now we have the MSM8974 which possibly replaces the MSM8964/APQ8064 scheduled to launch in Q1 2013. The specifications are the following:

  • Quad 2.0-2.5 GHz Krait/ L2 2MB
  • 2×667/800MHz LPDDR3
  • LTE Cat4, DC-HSPA+, 1xAdv/DOrA/B
  • 1080p HD Video@60fps; 30Mpix
  • Adreno 320 3D 225M tri/sec (DX9.3) 

Qualcomm also details its Modem roadmap which includes the MDM9200, MDM9600, MDM9215, MDM9615, MDM9625, MDM9225: (Click to see larger version)


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